Monday, February 13, 2006

Democratic Values

"A U.N. investigation has concluded that the United States committed acts amounting to torture at Guantanamo Bay, including force-feeding detainees and subjecting them to prolonged solitary confinement, according to a draft report obtained Monday." (Source:

Just how much do we "value" democratic values?

Since when do prisoners NOT have the right to wage a silent protest through the refusal of food?

We certainly don't know all the facts on this's a developing story. But how many more of these compromises of what this country believes in can we endure before we have absolutely NO credibility or claim to the "moral high ground"? I really feel it's time for our government to conduct a thorough review of ANY policy that deals with the treatment of foreigners, whether they're prisoners or not.

If we're going to ask other countries to embrace democracy, then we have to model it to the highest standards ourselves.


Blogger greenISgood said...

omahGOSH! That's kinda scary. Also, it's kinda peculiar that MSNBC is carrying that story. So applying a mathematical formula suggesting that the media typically shuffles about 84% of the "whole" truth under the proverbial rug...

5:41 AM  

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