Saturday, April 01, 2006

Immigration, Part One

It seems to happen in cycles here in California, but it certainly appears that the immigration issue is heating up--not only here, but also nationally. Without going into detail in this post (I basically find myself coming down on BOTH sides of the issue), I thought I'd post a question for consideration;

I realize that the overwhelming majority of illegal immigrants come through our southern border, but if one of the rationales for tighter border security is that we live in a much more dangerous, post 9/11 world, then why is our northern border deserving of LESS attention?


Blogger greenISgood said...

Hmm. That's a good question. The browning of America has always been a difficult pill to swallow for conservatives. That's why they've focused so heavily on oversimplification e.g. "Black n'White". To your point: Our southern border is far more dangerous from a "perception" and a "perpetuate-the-perception" standpoint. What's funny is that its yet another "let's-scare-'em-with-the-'scary-people'" illusion all over again. I mean, they've about over-used the Middle-East tribes (in fact, the whole Muslim world)as a "beware of those scary people" tactic. Worked pretty well. "Let's see, who can we use...uh, hey, let's get back to the Mexicans and the Central and South Americans. We haven't used them for political gain for awhile, at least not since Oli North and Iran-Contra. Yeah! We'll use them to scare people, keep 'em good and 'afeared'."

Go see V for Vendetta, although obviously dramatized, very close to the current strategy in play now for, oh, 6 years......

8:36 PM  
Blogger n2justice said...

Yeah, the use of fear does seem to hang over many of the approaches to policy these days. The whole thing is so've got huge industries like agri-business and meat processing that are part of the problem. You've got well-meaning people trying to simply better their lives. You've got a huge southern AND northern border that I fail to see how they could ever be FULLY secured. Or would we even want that? And then part of me is befuddled as to why someone who wants to come to this country can't simply do it through the proper process. I know it's a pain in the ass to do that, and it can take a long time, but is that an excuse to not do it? I I said, I tend to see merit in parts of the debate on each side.

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